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Using BuckleSafe!TM

How To Use BuckleSafe!TM

  1. Ensure that BuckleSafe!TM is in it's 'closed' position (as supplied)



  2. Place BuckleSafe!TM over the seat belt buckle used to secure your infant seat, covering the red 'release' button


  3. Fasten the seatbelt into the buckle in the normal way. In this position the seatbelt is secure and cannot be released

  4. To disable BuckleSafe!TM, simply squeeze simultaneously both buttons on either side and pull apart. This will provide access to the red safety belt 'release' button


  5. Simply depress the red 'release' as normal




Watch our instruction video

Please note: BuckleSafe!TM is only to be used when anchoring an infant seat as described above and shown in the video clip and where the child seat utilises the safety belt as the fixing method. 

BuckleSafe!TM is suitable for over 90% of all car seatbelt buckles. However it is not suitable for sunken seat belt buckles or on the very few vehicles where the buckle thickness is greater than 29mm.

If in any doubt, please do just call us on 01225 791625.


Don't leave your child's safety to chance
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Made in Britain
  • Easy to Fit
  • Unique release action
  • Suitable for all standard seatbelt fixings*
  • Award Standard Design
  • Unobtrusive

*Fits over 90% of all car seatbelt buckles - for more information see USING BUCKLESAFE!


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